Obtaining an Examiner Certificate

Note: this advice is provided by IFEA for guidance.  Intending examiners must not rely solely on this information, but must check directly with EASA/CAA to obtain the latest information and requirements

1. The requirements to obtain the various examiner certificates are set out in Part-FCL Subpart K Examiners - here

  1. Anyone wishing to become an examiner needs to apply to the CAA by completing Licensing Form SRG\1128 - here - and submitting the completed form to Civil Aviation Authority (Licensing Assessment), Aviation House, Gatwick Airport South, West Sussex RH6 0YR  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


3. Fees chargeable by the CAA are to be found within the latest - Scheme of Charges

 Note: the (one) fee charged by the CAA is based on the Assessment of Competence for the particular examiner certificate  being sought.  The CAA will not process any application without payment also being submitted (FCS 1500 - here)

4.  On receiving an authorisation letter or e-mail from the CAA, the applicant may then commence an examiner standardisation course with a suitable ATO.  The list of ATOs is available in Standards Document 31 - here

5.  On completion of the appropriate examiner standardisation course and on being recommended by the course provider, the applicant may progress to the Assessment of Competence,arranged by Flight Test Bookings carried out by CAA staff and senior examiners.On successful completion of the Assessment of Competence, the CAA examiner forwards a report to CAA HQ recommending the particular examiner certificate to be issued.  In order to deal with the inevitable delays in issuing an Examiner Certificate and to provide immediate authority to carry out tests and checks, the CAA examiner will normally be able to issue SRG 1100 - here - which will be valid for a period of 8 weeks from the day of the AoC.