IFEA's First Birthday

 IFEA has now been in existence for just over a year and what a year it’s been! New contracts, new fees and a very active forum. Thank-you everyone for your contributions!

IFEA has held three meetings for members and four meetings with the CAA.

The CAA has recognised IFEA as the negotiating body for examiners and, if you are an FE CPL or IRE, you will no doubt know of IFEA’s recent success in persuading the CAA to delete a number of mandatory insurances from the new contract (and at the same time, IFEA has negotiated advantageous optional insurance rates for our members). We have also negotiated a further 5.0% increase in fees for contracted examiners as from April 1st 2018.

Membership numbers have been steadily rising.  In 2018 we look forward to the involvement of an ever wider examiner community and to tackling a broader spectrum of issues.

If you are not already a member, we need your support (visit "Membership and Joining").

Please let us know what issues concern you and what issues we should be addressing.


Meeting with the CAA, Monday June 12th

IFEA Officers had a two-hour meeting with CAA management at Aviation House on Monday June 12th.

IFEA was represented by Anthony Mollison, David Hoy, Neil McMillan and Steve Oddy.

The CAA representation included  Kate Hofstetter (Head of SSC) and Brian Bannister ( Flight Operations Manager).

Detailed presentations were made by IFEA on:

 Examiner remuneration

 Test allocation

Training, testing and standards

The CAA  will respond to examiner remuneration by the first week of August

The CAA have promised an internal audit on test allocation

IFEA will be meeting with Brian Bannister on Monday July 3rd to discuss examiner training, testing and standards, as well as such matters as the out-of-date RT theory and practical tests, and Performance Based Navigation requirements (Information Notice 2017/16 now published).

IFEA also raised the issue of the level of CAA examiner insurance having not been increased for many years, and asked for consideration that the cover should be extended, particularly for examiners who do not work for an ATO and carry out tests and checks beyond CPL, IR and FI. 


April 11th Meeting at Airways Aviation, Oxford Airport

 Our  latest meeting took place at Airways Aviation, Oxford Airport, on Tuesday April 11th

Our next meeting will be held at Booker Aviaion, Wycombe Air Park, on Monday September 4th

All members and prospective members are warmly invited to attend our meetings

Highlights of the April 11th meeting were

1. The Chairman presented a progress report, including our positive discussions with the CAA.

2. Capt Steve Oddy gave a very useful presentation on 'NPPL, LAPL and PPL Tests', which is available to view on the Members' Only Forum.

3. Peter Haydn Smith, aviation psychiatry consultant to the CAA, gave a fascinating presentation on the German Wings tragedy and related it to other mass murders.

4. There was a lively discussion amongst members about current examining issues.